Dont Kiss Them Goodbye

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With wit and compassion, Allison shows us what it is like to live with these special gifts and talents and also tells about her struggle to live a normal life as a devoted wife and mother. She shows how learning to accept her own gifts has helped her accept the unique gifts of others and how her compelling desire to relieve the pain of others has helped define her own life, a life committed to the search for ultimate truth. If you have ever questioned whether there is an afterlife, this book will help you see that there is a living energy beyond death. Allison DuBois the Medium. Search for:.

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She then decided to dedicate her life to ease the pain of those who have lost loved ones. Allison has helped solve numerous crimes. She has also been studied at three universities and her accuracy has amazed scientific researchers.

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Don't Kiss Them Goodbye is the fascinating account of a devoted wife and mother who combines a normal life with the ability to communicate with the dead. She has successfully read for celebrities, sceptics and scientists. Allison lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and three children. Help Centre. I couldn't help but think Why me? I look average, and my parents are divorced. I found church boring. My mom made me go with her every Sunday and I resented it. I preferred to talk to heaven personally when I was alone. I felt very connected to a higher power and I was sensitive to others' feelings about it.

But it seemed that all the adults at church sang about one thing and then practiced another. It didn't make sense to me, but if I mentioned this I was scolded. I filled my room with stuffed animals and dolls, but mine served a defensive purpose. I lined them up on shelves, on the floor, everywhere, positioned to fill space and form a barrier between me and the unknown.

Since I could feel many variations of energy around me and sometimes I saw apparitions, my stuffed animals filled the physical void where I knew the energy existed. The toys also helped calm my nerves. I had created in my mind an explanation for the energy I felt. I was no longer looking at empty space and feeling as though an unknown energy occupied it. My toys now filled the space. Children, like adults, learn to deal with complicated circumstances in a way that creates comfort for them. I spent my youth trying to convince myself that I was normal. I was a competitive roller skater for several years in the early eighties.

The people at the rink were also quite memorable, with their big perms, leg warmers, and lights on their skate wheels.


I sat for hours watching people skate around faster and faster, until they began to blur into circles of light. I watched them intently, as if I were looking for something inside each person to become visible. I enjoyed the all-or-nothing stakes of winning competitions. Figures, dance, freestyle skating-I did them all.

I especially loved those rare occasions when the boys and girls were allowed to compete against one another. I enjoyed beating the boys the most. Skating also provided an escape from the conflict at home between my mom and stepdad. When I was twelve, my mom and the man that I had called dad for ten years dissolved their marriage.

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I saw him with his new family a year later. He didn't see me and I never saw him again. My mom remarried a year or two later, and I didn't fit into the new arrangement. I was on my own just one month before my sixteenth birthday. I lived in an apartment with a high school friend named Domini. I remember kicking back with a beer and thinking how ludicrous it was that I had once told my sixth grade teacher that I aspired to go to Harvard. I thought.

Don't Kiss Them Goodbye

At this rate I wouldn't even be going to a community college! My teenage years were painful and lonely. People were all around me, but I felt as alone as anyone could be. I also felt as if I sometimes attracted people who had bad energy. I always worry about young people who stand out in crowds because they have an inner light that shines through. I heard this often as a young person and now I understand it.

Dark entities are naturally attracted to light and will try to manipulate it. A dark entity can see a light entity from a mile away.

Don't Kiss Them Goodbye

Unfortunately, it's typically harder for light entities to spot dark ones, but with experience they can learn to recognize and avoid them. Have you ever looked at a recent picture of someone close to you and compared it to one from the past? There is a light that flickers in a young person's eyes that is often extinguished as he ages. The trick is to make sure your light remains strong and bright. It's a reflection of your soul. Never let it be extinguished. I have met seventy-year-old men and women who have the essence of people in their early twenties. I am determined to always retain my mischievous inner youth.

The night I met my husband he swears there was a light shining down on me.

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Joe says he couldn't resist knowing what I was about. I thought he was just an irritating guy with a pickup line. Joe has helped to make me a better person.

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He has taught me many lessons that I wouldn't have held still long enough to hear from anyone else. The most important thing he taught me is that there are people who are true to their word, people who will always be there. He has taught me to trust. Another lesson Joe taught me was math and that it wasn't too late to apply it to my dream of going to college.

Against all the odds I did graduate from college. I received a B. Even though I had grown up around all kinds of people who were going nowhere fast, a part of me had always known that somehow, some way, I would earn a college degree. I guess I am just one of those lucky people for whom things always work out. I see myself as being constantly pushed back onto the right path by a force greater than me.

I am thankful.