Contemporary Theater, Film & Television, Volume 31

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Allen eds. Kreimeier eds. Halle, R. Grant, ed. Thomas Elsaesser, "Melodramma e 'temporalita'," V. With looks that some have described as exotic — her grandmother was a Chinese native of Jamaica — Campbell is a familiar figure on the covers of leading American and European fashion publications. She has appeared in Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Elle, and holds the distinction of being the first ethnic woman ever to appear on the cover of the French edition of Vogue.

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One reason Campbell is so highly sought after is what many in the fashion industry have praised as her natural modeling ability. An agent discovered her in a shopping arcade of Covent Gardens, which Campbell frequented after school. And then I saw an interview of her in Tatler, so I knew she was legitimate. She took a picture of me in my school uniform … then she sent me to a photographer who was working on an assignment for British Elle in New Orleans , and he booked me. Born May 22, , in London, England ; mother was a ballet dancer. Model, —. Sporkin in People.

Campbell has worked with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Campbell hopes to expand her acting career and appears confident that the jet-set life of an international model is ample preparation. Mueller, Michael " Campbell, Naomi —. Mueller, Michael "Campbell, Naomi —. Career: Actress and model. Connect a lifestyle company , Awards, Honors: Named one of the fifty most beautiful people in the world, People Weekly , Die schoensten Frauen der welt— Naomi Campbell , Also appeared in Madonna's "Erotica" and Notorious B.

Naomi , photographs selected by herself, with commentary by leading fashion designers, Universe, Naomi Campbell All Sources -. Updated Media sources 1 About encyclopedia. Campbell, Naomi — gale. Discovered in Shopping Arcade. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

Contemporary Black Biography Mueller, Michael. Quest for Fire , Twentieth Century-Fox, Singer at first club, Cool As Ice , Universal, Herself, Catwalk documentary , Arrow, Kaia, Miami Rhapsody , Buena Vista, Herself, Unzipped , Miramax, Girl number 75, Girl 6 , Twentieth Century-Fox, Cindy Carmichael, Invasion of Privacy , Trimark, Naomi, Trippin' , October Films, Destinazione Verna , Herself, Black and White , Screen Gems, Jennifer, Karma, Confessions and Holi , Go Go Tales , Herself, Fashiontrance , Style Network, Fashion Mix , Style Network, The Look documentary , PBS, Die schoensten frauen der welt—Karen Mulder , Die schoensten frauen der welt—Carla Bruni , The th Tournament of Roses Parade , Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit '97 , Intimate Portrait: Naomi Campbell , Lifetime, Uncredited Herself, Cleavage documentary , Arts and Entertainment, Elvis Lives , NBC, Entertainment Television, Emilia Clarke also weighed in on Season 8 backlash while at the Emmys, telling Variety the response was "profoundly flattering.

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By Zack Sharf 8 hours ago. Phoebe Waller-Bridge told press backstage at the Emmys that "Fleabag" Season 3 is still not on the table.

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Avi Belkin told how he used outtakes, split-screen footage — but no contemporary interviews — to capture his subject at a recent International Documentary Association screening. By Chris Lindahl 9 hours ago. By Ben Travers 9 hours ago. Back to IndieWire. The Feed.