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This handbook will be a key resource for researchers practising systems biology, and those requiring a comprehensive overview of this important field. Request permission to reuse content from this site. Strongly recommended to workers in this area. Undetected location.

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Systems Biology is now entering a mature phase in which the key issues are characterising uncertainty and stochastic effects in mathematical models of biological systems. The area is moving towards a full statistical analysis and probabilistic reasoning over the inferences that can be made from mathematical models. This handbook presents a comprehensive guide to the discipline for practitioners and educators, in providing a full and detailed treatment of these important and emerging subjects. Leading experts in systems biology and statistics have come together to provide insight in to the major ideas in the field, and in particular methods of specifying and fitting models, and estimating the unknown parameters.

This book: Provides a comprehensive account of inference techniques in systems biology. Introduces classical and Bayesian statistical methods for complex systems.

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  • Explores networks and graphical modeling as well as a wide range of statistical models for dynamical systems. Discusses various applications for statistical systems biology, such as gene regulation and signal transduction.

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    Features statistical data analysis on numerous technologies, including metabolic and transcriptomic technologies. Presents an in-depth presentation of reverse engineering approaches. Emphasis is placed on concepts and insights into the multi-disciplinary nature of the field as well as the importance of systems biology in human biological research. Technology, being an extremely important aspect of scientific progress overall, and in the creation of new fields in particular, is discussed in 'boxes' within each chapter to relate to appropriate topics.

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    Current researchers and recent graduates in genetics, molecular biology, cell biology, biomedical science, and systems engineering who can integrate systems biology concepts into their work. Chapter 5. Chapter This work is essentially an introductory textbook for this field as well as a reference for scientists working in it.

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